Siempo FAQ!

How can I submit Feedback?

The best way to submit feedback is to tap the menu button (vertical dots in the upper right corner of the home screen), then tap Help and then Send Feedback. This will automatically draft an email to our team. Please be as specific as possible.

You can also join our Slack Community to provide feedback, discuss Siempo, receive technical support and stay up to date about new releases.

What are the main features of Siempo?

Home Screen

Siempo replaces the stock Android home screen with a calmer, less distracting interface and allows you to personalize what message you see dozens or even hundreds of times per day.

Tap the text on the home screen to edit and save your “intention.” An intention is a goal or an idea that you want to focus on. Unlike a task, it might never be “complete”, but your top priority may change. Keep it short and positive, and try using command verbs. Whenever you unlock, take note of your intention for a moment.

Sample intentions:

Ability to set a custom background will be coming soon!


Another way that Siempo removes distractions is by allowing you to control when you receive notifications. Tap the bell in the top right of the home screen to select when you would like your notifications to arrive:

If you choose the second or third option, Do Not Disturb will be activated between deliveries.

If you would like select apps to be able to interrupt you immediately while Tempo is active, go to Settings > Notifications > Select apps that may interrupt you.

How Tempo works:

"Individually, as soon as they arrive" (default setting on install)

"Batched, every..." AND "Batched, only at..."

Note: inconsistencies in expected behavior may occur on certain devices and versions of Android. We are in the process of resolving these.


Siempo helps you access the apps that you need in the moment, while protecting you from unintentionally wasting time in other apps.

Swipe right to access your first page of apps. These are your frequently used tools, like maps and notes. We have unbranded and greyscale them so you can open the tool you need without any temptations or distractions. You can customize this screen to pick the tools that you want, and assign your favorite app to each tool (hold down on an app, then tap Select Tools). In addition, there is a search bar where here you can start typing and quickly save a note to Siempo Notes, send an SMS through native SMS, add a new contact, or start any apps.

The second page is for your “Favorites.” You can customize this screen to pick the apps that you want (hold down on an app, then tap Select Apps).

The third page is for your apps you have flagged for less use, like games, social media and dating. You can customize this screen to include the apps that you want to use less (hold down on any app, then select the ones you would like to flag or unflag). By default, the order of these apps will be randomized with each visit, to further prevent unconscious usage. You can turn this setting off in Settings > App menus.

Which phones and Android versions are compatible with Siempo?

You can use any brand and model of phone as long as it runs Android v5.0 (Lollipop) or above.

How do I switch back to the regular Android launcher?

To switch back to your regular Android launcher, go to Settings > Accounts & services > Exit Siempo services > Exit > Home > then select your regular launcher.

For the best experience, adjust your Android settings to block notifications from apps that are distracting. You can do this from Settings > Notifications > Apps

How do I switch back to Siempo as the default launcher?

Open Siempo, go to Settings > Accounts & services > Exit Siempo services > Exit > Home > then select Siempo. This process will become more intuitive in an upcoming release.

What information does Siempo collect?

Siempo has deep respect your time, attention and privacy. During this phase of testing, you will need to agree to give the Siempo app certain permissions. This is to enable the features that you see in the app, and to help us learn how they are being used. In an upcoming release we will be asking for fewer permissions upfront.

We may use your name and email only to provide services to you and to contact you to notify you of (a) new services or products you may be interested in (including contests, promotions or surveys), (b) changes to Siempo, or (c) third-party services that may be of interest to you.

We collect non-personal statistical information that does not personally identify you. This includes non-personal statistical information about your mobile device, your internet connection, the equipment that you use and how you use Siempo (for example, which buttons you tap and screens you view within the app and which app settings you select).

You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

Where are the “Pause” and “Mindful Mornings” features advertised during the Kickstarter campaign?

These features are still in development. You can join our Slack Community to stay up to date about new features and releases.

How do I access Siempo Notes that I have saved from the search bar?

You will need to assign Siempo Notes as your default Note app on the Tools Screen.

In notification drawer, why icons for my notifications are missing?

When you receive notifications, the notification icon might default to the simepo icon for some devices.

How can I disable Android Oreo’s persistent ‘using battery’ notification?

  1. Unlock your device running Android Oreo

  2. Swipe down on the notification shade, fully exposing the “using battery” notification

  3. Long press on the notification until it changes and shows a toggle

  4. Tap on the toggle, making sure that it’s grayed out

  5. Select Done to disable the “using battery” notification

Why is the LED indicator visible between Tempo batches?

Users can permanently disable the LED indicator in native settings.