Use your tech, not the other way around

Imagine a home screen that improves your wellbeing.

Siempo's interface removes distractions and prevents you from getting sidetracked.

Interruptions only when you want them.

Batch all notifications to arrive at any interval or time of day that you desire.

Siempo is a
healthier home app.

Mindful settings,
icons & menus give you breathing room and prevent unconscious use.

“Siempo has changed my life.”
- Karen D.
“Siempo felt like home immediately 😋
- Joost L.

It’s time for a digital wellness checkup.

Let’s build a healthier relationship with our devices. Siempo puts you back in control of your apps and protects you from overuse.

Have an iPhone?

Siempo in the press:

We created Siempo because we want to help people be more present, focused, and happy. We believe that devices and apps should be designed with human wellbeing in mind.

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